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  1. sound of rapid vibration
  2. a confusion of activity and gossip
  3. droning sound
  4. gossip
  1. make a buzzing sound
  2. fly low
  3. be noisy with activity
  4. call with a buzzer
  5. make droning sound
  6. gossip

buzz Sentences in English

  1. कोलाहल  =  noise
    The buzz of voices in the courtroom died as the judge took his chair.

  2. घंटी की आवाज़  =  ring
    I think i heard a buzz at the door.

  3. अफ़वाह  =  rumour
    There is a buzz going round that the boss has resigned.

  4. भनभनाहट  =  sound
    I heard a buzz and then saw the plane in the distance.

  5. रोमांच  =  thrill
    Flying gives me a real buzz.

  6. माहौल
    There's a creative buzz about the place.

  7. भनभनाते हुए उड़ना
    The bee buzzed from flower to flower.

  8. मार्ग में बाधा डालना
    Two fighter planes buzzed the convoy as it approached the coast.

  9. फ़ोन करना
    I'll buzz you at work.

  10. भनभनाहट होना
    He complained that his ears were buzzing.

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