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  1. of short duration or distance
  2. concise and succinct
  3. (of clothing) very short
  4. short
  5. compressed
  6. short in time
  1. a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
  2. a condensed written summary or abstract
  3. abridgment
  1. give essential information to someone
  2. inform of facts

brief Sentences in English

  1. छोटा  =  clothes
    A brief skirt/pant.

  2. संक्षिप्त  =  concise
    A brief account/report/description of the accident.

  3. थोड़े समय का  =  short
    A brief conversation/discussion

  4. अल्पकालीन  =  short
    A brief conversation/discussion

  5. लघु
    A brief bikini

  6. सूचना  =  instructions
    I was given the brief of reorganizing the department.

  7. केस  =  legal case
    Weill you accept this brief

  8. वाद-सार  =  summary
    A summary of the facts of legal case prepared for a barriestor

  9. काम  =  task
    It's not part my brief to train new employees.

  10. कागजात देना  =  give
    The company has briefed a top lawyer to defend it.

  11. हिदायत देना  =  instruct
    The president was fully briefed before the meeting.

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