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  1. to cause to separate and go in different directions
  2. discontinue an association or relation
  3. come apart
  4. break violently or noisily
  5. come to an end
  6. break or cause to break into pieces
  7. cause to separate
  8. separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts 1
  9. laugh unrestrainedly
  10. end relationship
  11. activity

break up Sentences in English

  1. छुट्टी शुरू होना  =  begin holidays
    When your school break up for christmas/when do you break up for christmas

  2. सम्बंध तोड़ना  =  end relationship
    She's just broken up with her boyfriend.

  3. रुकवाना  =  stop
    Break up a fight.

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