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  1. a youthful male person
  2. a friendly informal reference to a grown man
  3. a male human offspring
  4. (ethnic slur) offensive term for Black man
  5. young man

boy Sentences in English

  1. लड़का
    There is a new boy in our class at school

  2. बेटा
    She has three girls and one boy.

  3. नौकर
    The tea-stall owner doesn't pay his boys well.

  4. लड़का  =  elder
    He likes to play golf with the boys.

  5. लड़का  =  human
    The people are proud of the local boy who become president.

  6. लड़का  =  son
    His boy is taller than he is.

  7. बालक  =  state
    He is a boy, he don't know about the life.

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