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  1. a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon
  2. an impact (as from a collision)
  3. an unfortunate happening that hinders of impedes
  4. something that is thwarting or frustrating
  5. an unpleasant or disappointing surprise
  6. a strong current of air
  7. street names for cocaine
  8. forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth
  9. blast
  10. rush of air
  11. wind
  12. hard hit
  13. catastrophe
  1. exhale hard
  2. be blowing or storming
  3. free of obstruction by blowing air through
  4. be in motion due to some air or water current
  5. make a sound as if blown
  6. shape by blowing
  7. make a mess of, destroy or ruin
  8. spend thoughtlessly
  9. throw away
  10. spend lavishly or wastefully on
  11. sound by having air expelled through a tube
  12. play or sound a wind instrument
  13. provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation 1
  14. cause air to go in, on, or through
  15. cause to move by means of an air current
  16. spout moist air from the blowhole
  17. leave
  18. informal or rude
  19. lay eggs
  20. cause to be revealed and jeopardized
  21. show off Synonym: boast, tout, swash, shoot a line, brag, gas, bluster, vaunt, gasconade 2
  22. allow to regain its breath
  23. melt, break, or become otherwise unusable
  24. burst suddenly
  25. blast
  26. rush of air
  27. wind
  28. make sound
  29. usually with instrument
  30. leave suddenly
  31. ruin chance
  32. use up money

blow Sentences in English

  1. आँधी
    One of the worst blows we ever had around here.

  2. तूफ़ान  =  gale
    One of the worst blows we ever had around here.

  3. धक्का  =  shock
    His wife's death was a terrible blow to his family.

  4. प्रहार  =  stroke
    A blow on the head

  5. वार  =  stroke
    A blow on the head

  6. हाँफना  =  horse
    The horse was blowing.

  7. फूँक मारना  =  human
    She blew on his fingers.

  8. बजना  =  musical intrument
    The trumpets blew.

  9. फुहारा छोड़ना  =  whale
    The whale is blowing

  10. बहना  =  wind
    The wind blew more strongly.

  11. खिलना  =  bloom flower
    The cherry blossoms has blown.

  12. उड़ा देना  =  blow up, event
    The police station was blown by the terrorists.

  13. डींग मारना  =  boast
    He kept blowing about his medals.

  14. तोड़ना  =  break
    The safe had been blown by the thieves.

  15. घपला करना  =  bungle
    With one stupid mistake, he will blow the whole project.

  16. फट जाना  =  burst
    A tire blew.

  17. स्राप देना  =  curse
    He blowed me.

  18. प्रस्थान करना  =  depart
    Let's blow!

  19. उड़ा देना  =  explode
    A mine blew the ship

  20. गँवाना  =  miss chance
    He blew his chances by arriving late for the interview

  21. गँवाना  =  miss lead
    She blew the lead of the institution.

  22. हाँफना  =  pant
    He was blowing heavily as he ran.

  23. बजाना  =  play horn
    He blew the horn loudly.

  24. बजाना  =  play whistle
    The referee blew his whistle.

  25. फैलाना  =  spread
    Growing panic blew the rumour

  26. उड़ाना  =  squander money
    "he blew a lot of money on his new home theater.

  27. हवा भरना  =  tube
    Please blow air into this tube

  28. उड़ जाना  =  burst
    A fuse blew just as we sat down to dinner.

  29. साफ़ करना  =  clear
    Try to blow your noise.

  30. बहना  =  event
    The wind is blewing from the west.

  31. बनाना  =  make thing
    To blow bubbles

  32. उड़ना  =  melt
    A fuse has blown.

  33. ले आना  =  dust
    A sudden storm blew the dust from outside into the house.

  34. फैलाना  =  fire
    A heavy wind blew the fire

  35. उड़ा देना  =  fuse
    I have blown a fuse

  36. बनाना  =  glass
    To blow glass

  37. बजाना  =  horn
    He is blowing a horn.

  38. साफ़ करना  =  nose
    Try to blow your nose

  39. बजाना  =  organ
    He is blowing an organ.

  40. ले जाना  =  smoke
    A sudden breeze blew the smoke from the fire right into the house

  41. बनाना  =  thing
    To blow smoke-rings

  42. बजाना  =  whistle
    The refree blow his whistle

  43. भरना  =  wind
    He blew an air into a cycle tube.

  44. बिगाड़ देना
    He completely blew the interview.

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