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  1. having or covered with or accompanied by blood
  2. (used of persons) informal intensifiers
  3. bleeding
  4. hard
  1. extremely
  1. cover with blood

bloody Sentences in English

  1. पूर्ण  =  absolute
    Bloody nonsense/rubbish.

  2. खून से सराबोर  =  bleeding
    His clothes were torn and bloody.

  3. बहुत ही  =  extreme
    Your are a bloody fool.

  4. खून से भरा हुआ  =  state
    A bloody nose

  5. भयंकर  =  terrible
    Bloody battle.

  6. फालतु  =  worthless
    What the bloody hell are you doing

  7. पूर्णतः  =  absolutely
    Bloody nonsense/rubbish.

  8. बहुत ही  =  extremely
    That was a bloody good meal.

  9. फालतु  =  manner
    I don't bloody care.

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