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  1. lose blood from one's body
  2. draw blood
  3. get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone
  4. be diffused
  5. drain of liquid or steam
  6. cause blood to flow
  7. extort
  8. grieve

bleed Sentences in English

  1. जान देना  =  die
    The soldiers bled for the country.

  2. शोषण करना  =  extort
    Poor people are being bled dry by the country's harsh taxes.

  3. लूट लेना  =  extort
    The blackmailers bled him for every penny he had.

  4. निकल जाना  =  come out
    All the colours bled when the dress was washed.

  5. खून बहना  =  event
    Your nose is bleeding.

  6. दुःख प्रकट होना  =  express sorrow
    A nation bleeds for its dead heroes.

  7. पैसा देना  =  pay money
    As the town was overcrowded, he had to bleed for a hotel room.

  8. खून निकालना  =  human
    Doctors used to bleed people as a way of treating illness

  9. लूटना  =  human
    The blackmailers bled him for every penny he had.

  10. रस निकालना  =  plant
    To bleed the plant

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