black out meaning in hindi

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black out Definitions and meaning in English

  1. obliterate or extinguish
  2. darken completely
  3. suppress by censorship as for political reasons
  4. lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example
  5. lose consciousness
  6. faint

black out Sentences in English

  1. ढक देना  =  cover
    To cover sth written or printed with black ink, etc so that it cannot be read

  2. बेहोश होना  =  lose consciousness
    The plane dived suddenly,causing the pilot to black out.

  3. में अंधकार कर देना  =  put out lights
    Houses blacked out during an air raid.

  4. बेहोश हो जाना
    He blacked out when somebody hit him on the head.

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