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  1. the time when something begins (especially life)
  2. the event of being born
  3. the process of giving birth
  4. the kinship relation of an offspring to the parents
  5. becoming alive
  6. beginning
  7. heritage
  1. give birth (to a newborn)

birth Sentences in English

  1. जन्म  =  being born, activity
    The birth of her son

  2. उत्पत्ति  =  creation
    A birth of an good idea.

  3. प्रसव  =  delivery, activity
    A difficult birth

  4. प्रारंभ  =  evolution
    Birth of civilization

  5. कुलअ  =  family origin
    Of noble birth

  6. कुलीनता  =  good pedigree
    To be foolishly vain about his birth.

  7. जाति  =  race
    He is a aboriginal by birth.

  8. जन्म-जात्  =  origin
    He is a musician by birth.

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