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  1. an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
  2. an attempt to get something
  3. a formal proposal to buy at a specified price
  4. (bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing tocontract to make
  5. offering of money or services
  6. endeavor
  1. propose a payment
  2. invoke upon
  3. ask for or request earnestly
  4. make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands
  5. make a serious effort to attain something
  6. ask someone in a friendly way to do something
  7. offer money or services
  8. say
  9. ask for; command

bid Sentences in English

  1. प्रयास  =  attempt
    They failed in their bid to reach the summit.

  2. बोली  =  declaration
    It's your bid now.

  3. बोली  =  offering
    Any higher/further bids

  4. बोली  =  offer
    Any higher/further bids

  5. दाम  =  price
    Make a bid of rs.400 for a painting.

  6. निविदा  =  tender
    Bids for building the bridge were invited from british and american firms.

  7. बोली
    A price offered in order to buy sth at an auction or in business/ she made a bid of rs 500 for a painting.

  8. आमंत्रितअना  =  invite
    Guests were bidden to attend the feast.

  9. दाम लगाना  =  offer
    She bid rs 500 for this painting.

  10. आदेश देना  =  order
    She bade me come in.

  11. कहना  =  tell
    Do as you are bidden.

  12. कहना  =  wish
    Bid somebody good morning./he bade farewell to his sweetheart.

  13. हाथ बोलना  =  playing card
    Bid two hearts.

  14. विनती करना
    I bid you to tell the truth before this court.

  15. अनुरोध करना
    I bid you to tell the truth before this court.

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