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  1. in or to a place that is lower
  2. in a lower place
  1. inferior

beneath Sentences in English

  1. नीचे  =  below
    We could hear the trains rumbling beneath.

  2. नीचे  =  manner
    He looked down from the plane at the fields spread out beneath.

  3. नीचे  =  underearth
    Heaven above and earth beneath

  4. से नीचे  =  lower in position
    A captain is beneath a major.

  5. के योग्य  =  worthy
    Beneath contempt

  6. के नीचे  =  below
    Beneath the same roof.

  7. के नीचे  =  palce
    They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves.

  8. के नीचे  =  underearth
    The first drawer beneath the top one.

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