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  1. in or to a place that is lower
  2. at a later place
  3. (in writing) see below
  4. on a floor below
  5. further down
  6. lower
  1. less than; beneath

below Sentences in English

  1. घटिया  =  book
    This book is very below in my opinion

  2. नीचे  =  ground
    This ground is 10 feet below from sea level

  3. खराब  =  location
    This location is very below in this city

  4. नीचे  =  matter
    His statement is extreme below in second page

  5. नीचे  =  position
    His position is very below in the society.

  6. गहरी  =  river
    This river is very below.

  7. डुबी हुई  =  ship
    The ship is below the water.

  8. नाज़ुक  =  situation
    The situations is very below

  9. कम  =  temperature
    Kashmir's temperature is very below

  10. नीचे की मंज़िल पर  =  downstairs
    The tenants live below

  11. से नीचे  =  above navigation, manner
    The ship was going below the sea level.

  12. के नीचे  =  above, manner
    He lives just below the forth floor.

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