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  1. be owned by
  2. be in the possession of
  3. originate (in)
  4. be suitable or acceptable
  5. be in the right place or situation
  6. be classified with
  7. be part of
  8. be in proper place
  9. be affiliated with

belong Sentences in English

  1. सम्बन्ध होना  =  human
    A child belongs with its mother.

  2. होना  =  classify
    These articles don't belong under this headings

  3. होना  =  concern
    These articles don't belong under this headings.

  4. होना  =  event
    The child belongs with its his mother.

  5. रखना  =  kept
    Where does this belong.

  6. बैठना  =  place
    Put that chair back where it belongs.

  7. सम्बन्ध रखना  =  relate
    These articles do not belong under this heading.

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