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  1. the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
  2. a very attractive or seductive looking woman
  3. an outstanding example of its kind
  4. physical attractiveness
  5. good
  6. advantage

beauty Sentences in English

  1. फायदा  =  merit
    One of the beauties of this medicines is the freedom from after effect

  2. सुंदर महिला  =  female
    His mother was a great beauty in her time.

  3. अच्छा व्यक्ति  =  human
    This man is real beauty.

  4. अच्छी चीज़  =  thing
    That apple is a real beauty.

  5. सुंदर वस्तु  =  thing
    That black eye you got in the fight is a beauty!

  6. सुंदरता
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  7. खूबसूरत्
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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