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  1. having authority or ascendancy or influence
  2. of recognized authority or excellence
  3. sanctioned by established authority
  4. recognized as true
  5. valid
  6. domineering
  7. official
  8. authorized

authoritative Sentences in English

  1. आधिकारिक  =  official
    Authoritative instructions/order./an authoritative manner/tone of voice.

  2. अधिकारपूर्ण
    The captain's authoritative manner

  3. प्रभुतापूर्ण
    The captain's authoritative manner

  4. प्रभावशाली
    An authoritative official

  5. बाइख़्तियार
    The captain's authoritative manner

  6. बाइख्तियार
    The captain's authoritative manner

  7. प्रामाणिक
    His authoritative work on greece

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