Atrocious meaning in kannada

Pronunciation of Atrocious

Atrocious in Images  

Atrocious Definitions and meaning in English

  1. shockingly brutal or cruel
  2. exceptionally bad or displeasing
  3. provoking horror

Atrocious Sentences in English

  1. पाशविक  =  heinous
    atrocious crimes/acts of brutality.

  2. भद्दा  =  very unpleasant
    speak French with an atrocious accent./Isn't the weather atrocious

  3. भयानक
    an atrocious automobile accident

  4. नृशंस
    an atrocious crime

  5. भद्दा
    her atrocious taste

  6. घटिया
    her atrocious taste

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