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  1. at all times
  2. at any time or in any event
  3. forever
  4. throughout all time
  5. forever; continually

always Sentences in English

  1. हमेशा  =  at all times
    He nearly always wears a bow-tie.

  2. कभी भी  =  at any time
    The can always go to the bank if they need more money.

  3. हमेशा  =  for all future time
    Promise me you'll always keep in touch.

  4. हमेशा  =  regularly
    The milkman always come sat 7.30.

  5. सदा  =  throughout a period of time
    She has always loved gardening.

  6. हमेशा  =  repeatedly
    She's always looking for faults.

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