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  1. isolated from others
  2. lacking companions or companionship
  3. exclusive of anyone or anything else
  4. radically distinctive and without equal
  5. to the exclusion of; unique
  6. separate; apart
  1. without any others being included or involved
  2. without anybody else

alone Sentences in English

  1. अकेला
    I was alone in the house

  2. अकेला  =  human
    I was alone in the house

  3. अकेला  =  lonely
    It was my first experience of living away from home and i felt terribly alone.

  4. केवल  =  manner
    The shoes alone cost rs.100.

  5. केवल  =  only
    This shoes alone cost rs.100.

  6. अकेला  =  without others
    I don't like going out alone after dark.

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