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  1. gathered or tending to gather into a mass or whole
  2. formed of separate units in a cluster
  3. forming a collection from separate parts
  1. a sum total of many heterogenous things taken together
  2. the whole amount
  3. collection
  1. amount in the aggregate to
  2. gather in a mass, sum, or whole
  3. combine into a collection

aggregate Sentences in English

  1. कुल
    Aggregate demand / investment / turnover

  2. सीमेंट-रेती का मिश्रण  =  mixutre technical
    Preparing the aggregate

  3. कुल योग  =  sum
    The complete aggregate of unemployment figures

  4. पूर्ण योग  =  sum
    The complete aggregate of unemployment figures

  5. जोड़ना  =  come
    The figures are then aggregated to give the final picture.

  6. एकत्र करना  =  collect
    We are aggregating the documents.

  7. इकट्ठा करना  =  collect
    We have decided to aggregate the books.

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