add up meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of add up

add up Definitions and meaning in English

  1. develop into
  2. determine the sum of
  3. add up in number or quantity
  4. be reasonable or logical or comprehensible

add up Sentences in English

  1. अर्थ निकलना  =  be
    His story just doesn't add up- he must be lying.

  2. योग करना  =  count
    Add up all the money i owe you.

  3. जोड़ना  =  count
    Add up all the money i owe you.

  4. बढ़ना  =  increase
    When you're feeding a family of six the bills soon add up.

  5. के बराबर होना
    This idea will never add up to anything.

  6. होना
    The bills amounted to rs. 2,000.

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