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  1. the action of accomplishing something
  2. an ability that has been acquired by training
  3. something successfully done
  4. completed

accomplishment Sentences in English

  1. उपलब्धि  =  action
    This huge increase in growth would be an impressive accomplishment in any economy. / wining the competition was a marvellous accomplishment.

  2. निपुणता  =  ability
    A high level of accomplishment

  3. समापन  =  action
    On the accomplishment of this occasion.

  4. प्रवीणता  =  ability
    Wining the competition was a marvellous accomplishment.

  5. कौशल  =  ability
    Vincent van gogh was an artist of rare accomplishment.

  6. योग्यता  =  ability
    Dancing and singing were among her many accomplishments.

  7. निष्पत्ति  =  action
    We must work hard for the accomplishment of our objectives.

  8. परिपूर्णता  =  completiion
    Satisfactory accomplishment with adequate accuracy and fullness of details

  9. हुनर  =  ability
    Her accomplishment in embroidery

  10. कार्यसिद्धि  =  action
    The accomplishment of all he had set out for

  11. निष्पादन  =  action
    The accomplishment of all he had set out for

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